Selasa, 26 Juli 2016

[sold] - JDM speedometer analog Mazda Interplay

Dijual JDM speedometer analog Mazda interplay. 2nd copotan halfcut. Fungsi normal. Kondisi dudukan bawah ada patah 1.

Harga S O L D

Lokasi Jogja.

Sms/wa 081802624234

Sabtu, 16 Juli 2016

[sold] - OEM JDM Mazda 323 BG Interplay Digital Speedometer

Just helping my friend to sell his OEM JDM Mazda 323 BG Intrrplay digital speedometer (dash, cluster). It cab be install to Mazda 323 BG GTX dan GTR. It has same sockets dan brackets. Needs to install speed sensor to replace the cable plug.
Has new polarized film and LEDs lighting.
2nd taken from half cut. Good function and condition. Tested.

Price : S O L D
location Indonesia

Message or whatsapp +6281802624234

Senin, 04 Juli 2016

[sold] - Spion elektrik Mazda 323 Interplay / Astina

Jual spion elektrik Mazda 323 Interplay, bisa juga dipakai di Mazda Astina. Kondisi 2nd copotan. Fungsi normal. Sudah dicat warna kuning, sesuai saat memperolehnya.

Harga : S O L D

Lokasi Jogja.

Sms/ wa 081802624234

[sold] - OEM JDM Mazda 323 BG Interplay Astina Center Console

In stock again, Oem JDM center console or arm rest. very rare item for Mazda 323 BG. Also can be install to GTX GTR Protege Interplay Astina. Just replace the old ash tray with this arm rest.

Price : SOLD

Location Indonesia.

Sms/ whatsapp +6281802624234