Sabtu, 10 Juni 2017

[sold] - Mazda 323F Astina BG / Eunos 100 Digital Cluster Dash Speedometer

In stock Mazda 323F Astina bg / Eunos 100 digital dash cluster speedometer. 2nd condition taken from japan halfcut. Good working order, new polarized film. Tested.

Price S O L D

Location Indonesia.

Ship worldwide.

Sms/wa +6281802624234

Kamis, 08 Juni 2017

[sold] - Honda Civic EF9 SH3 Nouva 1990 signal bumper

Instock, Honda Civic EF9 signal bumper, fit to Indonesia Civic SH3 Nouva 1990.
2nd condition taken from halfcut. No crack, no leak, 80%_good condition. Complete with lamp socket.

Price S O L D


Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

[sold] - JDM Mazda 323 BG Interplay Protege Dashboard Burger Tray and Coin Pocket

i have extremely rare parts for JDM Mazda 323 BG. There are Dashboard Burger Tray and Coin Pocket. Burger tray is a JDM part which installed at dashboard to hold drinking bottle or can. Coin Pocket is a JDM part which replacing ash try for them who is not smoking.

Price :
Burger Tray : S O L D
Coin Pocket : S O L D

sms/wa +6281802624234

[sold] - IDM Mazda 323 BG Interplay 1990-1998 digital cluster speedometer

hello there, this weekend is the 2nd week of Ramadhan in Indonesia. As a moslem we must honour it with fasting to be a better moslem. but i won't talk about it.
Yesterday i found Mazda 323 BG Interplay digital dash cluster speedometer taken from halfcut in new LEDs lighting and new polarised film, so it would be nice view. And tested. This is a Indonesia Domestic Market (IDM) part, because this was only installed in Mazda 323 BG Indonesia 1990-1992. But it can be install to other Mazda 323 BG chassis and will be need speed sensor.
Just check it out the picture.

Price : S O L D + shipping

location Indonesia

sms/wa +6281802624234