Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

[sold] - IDM Mazda 323 BG Interplay 1990-1998 digital cluster speedometer

hello there, this weekend is the 2nd week of Ramadhan in Indonesia. As a moslem we must honour it with fasting to be a better moslem. but i won't talk about it.
Yesterday i found Mazda 323 BG Interplay digital dash cluster speedometer taken from halfcut in new LEDs lighting and new polarised film, so it would be nice view. And tested. This is a Indonesia Domestic Market (IDM) part, because this was only installed in Mazda 323 BG Indonesia 1990-1992. But it can be install to other Mazda 323 BG chassis and will be need speed sensor.
Just check it out the picture.

Price : S O L D + shipping

location Indonesia

sms/wa +6281802624234

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